Window Repair

1st Orlando Handyman can perform a variety of residential window repairs and installations. Whether you need a new window frame or the window just wont open, our dependable, professional handyman can provide you with quality work that fulfills all you residential window need in just one call. From installing new tilt windows to wood window repair, our handyman have the know how to help you.

Our handyman can also help you make your home more energy efficient by installing new energy star windows and making sure they are sealed properly.

Discover how 1st Orlando Handyman reliable, professional window service can help you in one easy call.

Outdoor Repairs

1st Orlando Handyman is here to solve all your outdoor repairs and seasonal maintenance needs in just one phone call. From pressure washing to replacing that broken fence board, our dependable handymen are here to provide your with quality, reliable repairs.

To 1st Orlando Handyman it’s important that every job is completed to the highest standards and efficiently. We prioritize all your outdoor repairs so they are completed without wasting time. This mean our handymen will not be sitting around while paint dries, they will be focused on changing your front door or fixing your fence.

Garage Cleaning

1st Orlando Handyman can assist you outside your home too, including your garage. Organizing the garage is on everyone’s “To-Do” list, but for most it is the last place they think about or get to organizing. If you are looking to add additional storage space, a workshop, or just install organizers; give 1st Orlando Handyman a call so we can tackle that long avoided space.

If you’re considering adding organizers, 1st Orlando Handyman can assist by installing ceiling mounts for bikes, wall hooks for lawn equipment such as rakes and shovels, and storage units for tools. Our skilled professional specialists will assist you in getting your garage to tip-top shape and allow for some additional usable square footage.

Please give 1st Orlando Handyman a call to assist you in renovating your clutter unused space into clean, organized additional storage. It’s one simple call.

Floor Installations

Whether you are placing hardwood floors in your dining room, laying ceramic tiles in your bathroom, or just making a tile repair in the kitchen, 1st Orlando Handyman floor services are here to assist you in all your flooring needs. In on call, our professional handyman will help prioritize your floor installation and repair needs.

1st Orlando Handyman arrives at your door with all the necessary tools to complete the job, you can expect high quality, efficient work completed in a timely manner. Give our handymen a call to help complete all of your flooring installation and repair needs.

Electrical Services

Looking to update your lighting, add a ceiling fan, or just some general electrical maintenance. 1st Orlando Handyman can be your electrical specialist that can do the job with safety and reliability. Whether you want to update your fixtures, or just change your outlet cover 1st Orlando Handyman is here to help you.

Door Services

1st Orlando Handyman maintains, repairs, and installs interior and exterior doors of very size and shape. Our professional handyman will help increase your homes efficiency by replacing old doors or repairing broken and cracked doors, whether they are interior or exterior. When doors are improperly sealed doors it can cause a rise in your heating and cooling cost. Our handyman can help seal up your house so it stays a comfortable temperature all year long. By adding a proper storm door you can give additional defense from air escaping. You can also add curb appeal by painting your exterior door.

Improperly sealed doors can cause a rise in heating and cooling cost. By adding proper seals on your door and by adding a storm door you can a sure that you will have added protection against air escaping.

Plumbing Services

At 1st Orlando Handyman it would be our pleasure to offer our plumbing handyman services for your home. Our handyman services are guaranteed to be done right and on time with dedication and professional attitude. 1st Orlando Handyman common plumbing services included but are not limited to:
Replace Plumbing: Updating outdated fixtures for newer hardware is a great way to update and add design back into a drab bathroom. 1st Orlando Handyman can replace or install fixtures; including shower head, faucet, tub handle, and many more.

Pipe Installation: Want to save on energy cost? Replacing old pipes can help save on monthly water bills.

Drywall Services

Call 1st Orlando Handyman for your drywall repair or to just give your home a fresh, new, professional look. To help put a final touch on your recent remodeling project, we offer drywall finishing services. While drywall repair focuses on fixing crack, holes, and day to day wear and tear that happens though the years.

Bathroom Services

Would you like to decrease morning stresses with a double sink or turn your bathroom in to your very own sanctuary. At 1st Orlando Handyman we can handle all your minor bathroom projects with ease. From repairs to improvements to maintenance, or even minor remodeling we will work with you to complete your project in a professional timely manner, with outstanding service. Some of the 1st Orlando Handyman bathroom project included but are not limited to the following:


Projects in the attic are considered to be sometimes rather hazardous and very problematic to maneuver. With 1st Orlando Handyman, we can take your overlooked misused space and turn it into practical space with the addition of a ladder or stairs, installing flooring, or just making the space a functioning storage space.